11-16 Syllabus

Browwwsers Computer Camp

·         Keep your computers clean both inside and out to keep them as fresh as the day you got it

·         Get the most out of the internet and enjoy everything the World Wide Web has to offer.

·         Get the best information from the Internet for your projects and homework.

·         Learn to use the most useful tools of the Internet like Google Docs and Evernote to make your school experience easier, both for singular and group projects.

·         Design graphics to bring that extra flair to your work.

·         Trick out your Android with the best apps to do everything - on your phone!

·         Learn the best DJ skills like Beatmatching, Looping, Crossfading, Pitchbending, and sampling to make the best mixes with your favourite music

·         Enter the world of Graphic Design with Picture Editing, Recoloring, Cropping, Stretching, Resizing

·         Safely access your files anywhere. You’ll never need a flash drive again.

·         Create and work on documents on any computer and share them with others.

·         Find the best information for your homework;

·         Type faster and easier with fun games to practice your new skills!

·         Find the newest, funniest GIFs and memes for your blogs and Facebook pages

·         Create documents, letters and resumes like a pro

·         See how the parts of a computer work together to make up the most essential device in the world